Monday, November 9, 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

B :: Stage 4 - Changing occupancy rate of the accommodations in Auckland CBD

l the data have been combined together to show the whole fluctuations of the occupancy rate of the accommodations in Auckland CBD.

B :: Stage 2 - Data from different accommodations in Auckland CBD

The Data collected from the accommodations had been transferred into images.

B :: Stage 1 - Demographics Overview

At this stage, I was focusing on how to transfer the data into graphic design. 4D information had been transferred to 2D images.

A :: Stage 4 - Collecting Data (occupancy rate)

Since it is hard to find individual data about each occupancy rate of each accommodation in Auckland CBD, I have visited almost all the apartments, hostels & backpackers, hotels and university accommodation and asked the staff here about the occupancy rate. I only got the generate fluctuations because of the confidential issues.



A :: Stage 3 - Locations

Mapping all the main Apartments, Backpackers & Hostels,
Hotels and University Accommodations in Auckland Central area

Locations - Apartments

Locations - Hostels & Backpackers

Locations - Hotels

Locations - University Accommodations